TVC Composite™ Image

With the only dual-modality intravascular imaging catheter, the TVC Imaging System™ integrates NIRS for assessing plaque composition and IVUS for imaging vessel structure to bring increased diagnostic capability into the catheterization lab.

The co-registered NIRS and IVUS image display provides true vessel characterization.

Scroll over the highlighted areas in the image below to view more information about the TVC Composite.
Large transverse IVUS image with co-registered Chemogram™ for rapid assessment of structure and composition.
Aligned Chemogram™, Block Chemogram™, and Longitudinal IVUS for easy orientation.
Automatic measures of lipid burden in the artery and areas of interest.
Simple measurement tools for areas & diameters for precision results.
Playback and Auto-rotate features for improved visualization.
Mark and Annotate scans for thorough documentation.
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