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Approach to Patients with Polyvascular Disease: A Concerted Approach to Improve Outcomes

This virtual CME-accredited program is an approach to patients with polyvascular disease and improving outcomes. Topics include the role of PCSK9I and antithrombotic therapies; establishing a viable and integrated multi-disciplinary team to manage patients with CLI, and new advances in polyvascular disease research.

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How To Optimally Use Intravascular Coronary Imaging and Coronary Physiology

This virtual CME-accredited program is designed to help healthcare professionals optimally use intravascular and coronary imaging as well as coronary physiology. View the webinar by clicking the link below.

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New Avenues for the Detection and Treatment of Vulnerable Plaque Virtual Webinar

This virtual CME-accredited program is designed to help healthcare professionals stay current on new and emerging approaches in the detection, management and treatment of vulnerable plaque. View the webinar in three parts by clicking the links below.

Part 1: David Erlinge, MD Part 2: Lorenz Räber, MD Part 3: Gregg Stone, MD Part 4: Panel Discussion

Educational Sessions

NHK World Japan - "Detecting Heart Disease With Intravascular Imaging"

Featuring Dohi Tomotaka, Cardiologist, Juntendo University Hospital

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OPCI Journal Club: A Conversation with Dr. Räber - "The PACMAN-AMI Randomized Clinical Trial"

Featuring Lorenz Räber, MD, PhD
Panelists Allen Jeremias, MD, MSc; Evan Shlofmitz, DO; Ziad Ali, MD; Jeffrey Moses, MD

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EuroPCR 2021 Clinical Interview

Dr. Giulio Guagliumi and Tina Vilsbøll discuss how intravascular imaging can assess patient risk factors, how referring physicians can utilize and patients can benefit from an imaging-guided intervention, and how IVUS+NIRS images can be used as a tool to enhance patient education and compliance.

Dr. Giulio Guagliumi, MD, FESC
Dr. Tina Vilsbøll
EuroPCR 2020 e-Course

Featuring Dr. Giulio Guagliumi discussing the "Use of IVUS + NIRS imaging for decision making in Acute Coronary Syndrome.

Dr. Giulio Guagliumi, MD, FESC
Prospect II: A Prospective Natural History Study Using NIRS-IVUS Imaging in Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction

Featuring David Erlinge, MD and Ron Waksman, MD.

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