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Makoto™ Intravascular Imaging System

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OKAY® II Y-Connector

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OKAY® II Y-Connector Time Lapse Video

Time lapse footage demonstrating a Leak Test between the OKAY II Y-Connector and two competitor devices over a 3-minute period.

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GM-30 Inflation Device

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Clinical Education


Clinical Studies Brochure: LRP, Prospect II, PACMAN-AMI


EuroPCR 2021

Dr. Giulio Guagliumi and Dr. Tina Vilsbøll discuss how intravascular imaging can enhance the continuum of care.

EuroPCR 2020 e-Course

featuring Dr. Giulio Guagliumi discussing the "Use of IVUS + NIRS imaging for decision making in Acute Coronary Syndrome."

Prospect II: A Prospective Natural History Study

Prospect II: A Prospective Natural History Study Using NIRS-IVUS Imaging in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction

Webinar: Clinical Innovations in IVUS NIRS Imaging

The first installment of the Infraredx, a Nipro Company, webinar series features Dr. Giulio Guagliumi of Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, Italy, discussing "Clinical Innovations in IVUS+NIRS Imaging."

Approach to Patients with Polyvascular Disease: A Concerted Approach to Improve Outcomes

This virtual CME-accredited program is an approach to patients with polyvascular disease and improving outcomes. Topics include the role of PCSK9I and antithrombotic therapies; establishing a viable and integrated multi-disciplinary team to manage patients with CLI, and new advances in polyvascular disease research.

How To Optimally Use Intravascular Coronary Imaging and Coronary Physiology

This virtual CME-accredited program is designed to help healthcare professionals optimally use intravascular and coronary imaging as well as coronary physiology. View the webinar by clicking the link below.

Part I: Presented by David Erlinge, MD

Identification of Vulnerable Plaque: From PROSPECT to LRP and PROSPECT II

Part II: Presented by Lorenz Räber, MD

Pharmacologic Treatment of Vulnerable Plaque: Background and the PACMAN AMI Study

Part III: Presented by Gregg Stone, MD

Interventional Treatment of Vulnerable Plaque: Insights from PROSPECT ABSORB

Part IV: Panel Discussion

OPCI Journal Club: A Conversation with Dr. Räber - "The PACMAN-AMI Randomized Clinical Trial"

ACC 22: PACMAN-AMI Randomized Clinical Trial

PACMAN-AMI Shows Reduced Plaque Regression in AMI Patients Treated with Alirocumab


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