The GM-30 Inflation Device: The Power of Comfort is in your hands

Key Benefits

Greater Versatility & Performance

  • Maximum pressure reading: 30 ATM/441 PSI
  • Flexible and kink resistant tubing
  • Two tubing lengths available (31 cm and 76 cm) for a variety of interventional procedures
  • 3-way and 4-way stopcock styles available
  • Efficient pressurization to achieve desired inflation with fewer turns
  • Maximum dispersion volume 25 mL allows for usage during various interventional procedures

Improved Ergonomics & Comfort

  • Ergonomic handle designed for easy rotation and comfortable inflation and deflation
  • Ergonomic lever design that fits comfortably in the hand to allow quick release with minimal effort
  • Comfortable hand grip

Greater Visibility

  • Fluorescent display allows for viewing in darkened conditions
  • Easily readable numbers for volume and pressure readings
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Key Features

Ergonomically-designed Handle
Less force and fewer turns
Smooth inflation, with 1:1 response*
*internal testing results on file
Easy-to-use Release Lever
Minimal effort required for deflation
Suitable for Many Balloon Sizes and Diameters
Options for Various Interventional Procedures
Two stopcock styles: 3-way and 4-way
Two Tubing Lengths: 31 cm and 76 cm

The GM-30 inflation device features a 30 ATM pressure capacity with a 25 mL syringe volume (appropriate for usage with larger sized balloons).

Three-way and four-way stopcock positions and multiple tubing lengths (31 cm and 76 cm) allow for a variety of interventional procedures and techniques.

The GM-30 inflation device: The choice is yours. Get comfortable.

Ordering Information

Product ReferenceGTINTube LengthStopcock Position
GM-30N0454366002264831 cm3 position stopcock
GM-30NL0454366002266276 cm3 position stopcock
GM-30NF0454366002265531 cm4 position stopcock

Get Comfortable. Get the GM-30 Inflation Device.

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