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Delivering best-in-class vessel structure resolution through unique extended bandwidth HD-IVUS technology.

Infraredx Clarispro™ HD-IVUS

is the only extended bandwidth catheter available bringing you a crisper image and greater depth of field than any other HD-IVUS catheter on the market. Sharper images allow for easier identification of lumen, determining presence of plaque, and overall better visual of the vessel structure.

The impressive pushability, deliverability, and extended working length of the Infraredx Clarispro HD-IVUS is ideal for both peripheral and coronary use.

*Only for sale in the US.

Key Features

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The value of IVUS in improving outcomes

The use of IVUS imaging has been proven to achieve optimal intravascular treatment and durable
results in both the coronary and peripheral settings.

Coronary IVUS-guided PCI
Peripheral IVUS-guided PCI

How Infraredx Clarispro HD-IVUS Works

Infraredx Clarispro is the only HD-IVUS catheter designed to bring clarity of high resolution AND depth of penetration. Extended Bandwidth achieves benefits of both high and low IVUS frequency with fewer tradeoffs.

Infraredx Clarispro HD-IVUS Technical Specifications

Physical Parameters
Imaging Parameters

*The Makoto Intravascular Imaging System™ is intended for ultrasound examination of coronary and peripheral intravascular pathology. Intravascular ultrasound imaging is indicated in patients who are candidates for transluminal coronary and peripheral interventional procedures. The System is not indicated for use in the cerebral vessels. See product instructions for full product description, contraindications, warnings, and instructions.

Infraredx Clarispro™ HD-IVUS is only for sale in the US.

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