The Advanced TVC Imaging System™ is a dual-modality intravascular imaging system with the ability to assess vessel structure and plaque composition via integrated NIRS (near infrared spectroscopy) lipid-core plaque (LCP) detection and enhanced IVUS imaging technology.
  • By utilizing NIRS, the TVC Imaging System enables the rapid, specific, and reliable identification and location of LCP known to complicate stenting, as well as quantification of the vessel's lipid core burden.
  • Through IVUS, the TVC Imaging System provides relevant information about vessel structure, including lumen dimension, degree of stenosis, and plaque burden.
  • The TVC Imaging System is the first and only FDA-cleared device for the detection of lipid-core plaques of interest.
  • TVC-guided stenting holds the potential to minimize procedural complications and possibly prevent peri-procedural myocardial infarction.
  • The technology behind the TVC Imaging System is supported by extensive scientific validation in laboratory specimens and in patients, including a study by Gardner and colleagues in 2008 demonstrating LCP could be detected using NIRS.
The dual-modality TVC Muller Extended Bandwidth NIRS-IVUS Catheter™ requires only a single pullback and enables true vessel characterization in a rapid and automated manner to improve clinical decision-making and treatment strategy. Learn how new Extended Bandwidth technology helps to provide a clean, uncompromised image. Learn More >>

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