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About Infraredx, Inc.

It’s a pursuit that starts very near the human heart. Exactly like courage.

Infraredx, a Nipro company, is an intravascular imaging company committed to advancing the diagnosis and management of coronary artery disease around the world.

We harness 30 years of research into the association between heart attacks and lipid core plaques because we believe in the promise and power of intelligent insights. Infraredx commands a bold vision, pioneering the design, manufacture, and distribution of technologies that address the needs of practitioners and improve outcomes for patients with coronary artery disease.

With ongoing investment in several landmark global clinical trials, we are dedicated to advancing this important field of research and conducting landmark clinical trials to transform how we view, treat, and prevent heart disease.

Brand Core Values


    We believe our first responsibility is to the patient. Physicians and caregivers will understand the clinical benefits of our products and our clear commitment to safe, durable outcomes. Every employee takes ownership for achieving our core purpose and clearly understands how each individuals work impacts the life of the patient.

    Science-Based Innovation

    We are committed to developing products based on science in order to help physicians make evidence based decisions. We value physician input so that we may develop meaningful, innovative products focused on solving unmet global healthcare needs.

    Integrity, Honesty, Respect

    We are transparent, open and truthful. We trust and respect others and always act with integrity. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We hire and inspire leadership throughout our organization fostering an environment of personal growth and equal opportunity.

    Commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement

    Every employee accepts the responsibility for continuous quality improvement. We are committed to quality through our design processes, product development, manufacturing, distribution and incomparable customer service.

    Goal Oriented, Disciplined & Accountable

    We set clear, measurable, time-sensitive goals. We hold each other accountable to our core purpose and are disciplined in our efforts to achieve our objectives.


    We will work to reduce our costs and improve the quality of our processes. Every department will understand its role in contributing to our profitability. We will work together with our suppliers to develop mutually beneficial, long-term agreements. By delivering value to our customers and introducing innovative high quality, lower cost products to markets around the world, we will make a fair profit.

    Core Purpose

    Advance the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

    Long Term Company Goal

    We will be the #1 Choice for Cardiovascular Imaging and the Standard of Care for guiding Cardiovascular Disease Management globally.


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