Gain Twice the Insights into Coronary Artery Disease with Dualpro IVUS

Reach for the Dualpro™ IVUS+NIRS catheter.

Anything else and you are leaving valuable data on the table.

The Dualpro™ IVUS+NIRS Catheter offers clarity, depth and certainty. With standard IVUS, practitioners currently make trade-offs between image clarity and signal penetration. These compromises can make a difference when trying to accurately assess a vessel and interpret the image for optimal treatment. The Dualpro operates at a frequency bandwidth of 35-65 MHz, offering a single, uncompromised image.

The Extended Bandwidth technology harmonizes multiple signal frequencies. The result is a sharp image of the complete vessel that allows for easy identification of the lumen, plaque and vessel structure. The composite display provides a clear, easy-to-interpret map for identifying high-risk patients with high-risk plaques.

Catalog number Diameter of catheter IVUS Frequency Effective Length Optimal guiding catheter minimum lumen diameter Optimal guide wire size
Entry Profile Crossing Profile Proximal Shaft
TVC-C195-42 2.4 F
3.2 F
3.6 F
35-65 MHz 160cm (0.067in)
(0.014 in)

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