The PROSPECT II study was published in the March 13th issue of The Lancet,
finding that IVUS+NIRS imaging can detect plaques at increased risk for future adverse cardiac outcomes.VIEW ARTICLE VIEW ARTICLE

Gain Twice the Insights into Coronary Artery Disease with Dualpro IVUS

Reach for the Dualpro™ IVUS+NIRS catheter.

Anything else and you are leaving valuable data on the table.

The Dualpro™ IVUS+NIRS Catheter offers clarity, depth and certainty. With standard IVUS, practitioners currently make trade-offs between image clarity and signal penetration. These compromises can make a difference when trying to accurately assess a vessel and interpret the image for optimal treatment. The Dualpro operates at a frequency bandwidth of 35-65 MHz, offering a single, uncompromised image.

The Extended Bandwidth technology harmonizes multiple signal frequencies. The result is a sharp image of the complete vessel that allows for easy identification of the lumen, plaque and vessel structure. The composite display provides a clear, easy-to-interpret map for identifying high-risk patients with high-risk plaques.

Catalog number Diameter of catheter IVUS Frequency Effective Length Optimal guiding catheter minimum lumen diameter Optimal guide wire size
Entry Profile Crossing Profile Proximal Shaft
TVC-C195-42 2.4 F
3.2 F
3.6 F
35-65 MHz 160cm (0.067in)
(0.014 in)

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