Always there, Always on, Always connected

The Integrated Makoto System, now a unified component of the Cath lab, is an imaging platform that’s always ready when you are, streamlining productivity and increasing efficiency so that you and your staff can remain focused on care.

Ergonomic design and minimal setup for efficient use.
  • IVUS + NIRS technology ready at any critical moment
  • Images ergonomically displayed on monitor boom for 
improved workflow
  • Minimal setup time to streamline productivity – just connect catheter and go
  • A clutter-free environment to help eliminate potential obstacles 
or distractions
Installation where you want it
  • Work station and stationary console can be placed anywhere
  • Controller storage can be free-standing on floor, rail mounted or wall mounted
  • Compact workstation for smallest footprint
  • Obstruction-free work zone

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