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Infraredx, a Nipro Company, is a pioneer in intravascular imaging for mapping coronary artery disease. In addition to our IVUS+NIRS intravascular imaging technology, the NIPRO Company brings a complete portfolio of diverse and innovative interventional cardiology and peripheral vascular solutions, including the OKAY® II Y-Connector.

Makoto™ Intravascular Imaging System

Achieve unparalleled insights with the Dualpro™ IVUS+NIRS catheter and its accompanying Makoto Intravascular Imaging System, the only FDA-cleared dual-modality catheter and imaging system indicated for the detection of lipid core plaque (LCP) and the identification of plaque and patients at higher risk of MACE.


Nipro OKAY® II Y-Connector

Reduce blood loss during long procedures with the OKAY® II Y-Connector. Designed utilizing both a fixed and hemostatic valve, the OKAY® II Y-Connector also features a 10Fr inner lumen to facilitate easy insertion for a variety of advanced multi-device techniques.


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